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Submitted by: Red on 2012-03-10.
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Review:  I have been with Maiahost for 5 years now, after moving from a much more expensive Australian Host (who hosted from US anyway) and have been delighted with them. As a web developer and professional and personal blogger I host over 20 domains on the one account (.com and .au) and multiple sub-domains (for myself, clients, friends and a couple of non-profits). A few have Google ratings of 5-7 which indicates how much traffic they get and I am only on their baby plan. If there has been any downtime at all since have been with them it must have been so short as neither myself or clients have noticed it and I am working with my sites for hours each day. The only times I have needed to contact customer support has been for problems I have created myself and the matter has been dealt with speedily through their online chat. The operators have all been friendly, very helpful and knowledgeable. I have helped other bloggers with their own sites hosted through various different hosts so I am confident that I have chosen the best. PS - I am not a hosting reseller for Maiahost so I have nothing to gain from writing such a glowing review. Biggest Pro: Reliability-Price Biggest Con: None